Hello therE!

I'm Taylor, the calligraphy artist and invitation designer behind MEB Calligraphy + Design Studio. 

But it goes beyond signs and paper!

I want to create signage and stationery that has a meaningful purpose. That each one is unique for each and every MEB couple! As a calligraphy artist, I want you to be able to keep the artwork from your invitations, and be able to transform your signs, so you'll be able to repurpose them in your home! Basically pieces that will last long after your wedding day, so that you can constantly relive the best day ever!

Everything created here is about
purpose, meaning, joy, and customization! 

Looking back, I've been interested in paper, handwriting, and drawing for as long as I can remember! I was always the person responsible for the poster boards in school group projects. I remember taking trips to Paper Source to get all the paper, craft supplies, and little details for every project. I would create a new theme for each one centered around that specific project. I would mix and match different colors, textures, and embellishments with paper, craft supplies, and different lettering styles. I honestly looked forward to them!

This continued throughout college and grad school. I went to school to become an elementary teacher, so I definitely took advantage of that creativity in my classroom. And I specifically started learning calligraphy for my own wedding. I wanted to hand letter chalkboard signs for it, so I taught myself. My love and passion for calligraphy and stationery continued to grow enough to where I started my own business.

Where it all started!