Wedding Signage

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Your custom wedding signage will be cut, sanded, stained, and hand painted by me!
This means you'll get high-quality hand-lettered wedding signs! 

From the custom designs to the
actual wording
on the signage. 

Each and every detail of your calligraphy wedding signage will be handled with love and care.

I triple check to make sure the actual signs look as similar
as they can to the digital proofs.

And they will all be hand painted with my signature calligraphy,
so you WON'T find any fonts, stencils, or vinyl here.

There are also no limitations when it comes to color, shape, or type of sign! 


Custom Cohesive Designs
Hand Painted Signs with my Signature Calligraphy and Artwork
Personalized in Any Way You'd Like
Ways to Repurpose Your Signage 
Design Proofs with 2 Rounds of Edits to Ensure they are Perfect!
Statement Pieces that Your Guests Won't Forget
Laser Cut Services to Create Even More Custom & Unique pieces!

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Love notes from past clients

What's Included!

You'll be getting more than wedding signs! 


Since your wedding is special and unique, so are your sign prices. They depend on the amount of calligraphy, detail, and size. Providing an exact price before I get more details from you is a bit tricky. I do have some baseline prices listed below. Please keep in mind that these are rough estimates and that they are only for the calligraphy services, so they do not include any materials (wood, acrylic, paper goods, etc.).

Your experience will be as easy and stress-free as possible. You'll also get a detailed PDF guide with details about the entire process, loaded with useful information, helpful tips + tricks, and so much more!

You honestly won't want to have them only for your wedding! Let's add the details and make them special long term, as well!


"Taylor's work on my place cards and signage for my November 2020 wedding was more beautiful than anything I could've imagined, and became one of the most special details of the day! I contacted Taylor just two weeks before my wedding... Taylor was not only extremely responsive, but collaborative as well - we brainstormed together colors, styles, sign content, etc. and it was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning (where many other parts were not as fun)!"

"MEB Calligraphy is one of the best in the industry! Taylor worked wonderfully with me and my fiance to customize our overall look and design for our wedding calligraphy. Since we got married in Tulum, Mexico, Taylor designed a seating chart on large faux monstera leaves - it was such a hit with the guests. She even sent proofs for our approval and was accommodating whenever we had changes. We would highly recommend working with Taylor - she is so talented!" 

"Working with MEB Calligraphy and Design Studio was a dream. Taylor went above and beyond to make the signage for my micro-wedding perfect. She was so detailed and thoughtful throughout every step of the process. She puts her heart and soul into every piece and really brought everything in a way more stunning than I could have imagined. Thank you X1000!"

Megan, Paradise Valley, AZ

Martha, West Chester, Pa

Alexandra, austin, tx

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Coming soon!

Clear acrylic signs are perfect for shadow boxes or to frame with a professional photo from the wedding!

Clear Acrylic Wedding Signs

Signature Cocktail or Bar Signs are perfect pieces to put on your bar cart or hang in your home!

Signature Cocktail Signs

Welcome signs are such a cute piece to add to your entry way or hang in your bedroom! 

Calligraphy Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign
 Unplugged Ceremony
 Seating Chart

 Signature Cocktail
 Sign (with Drinks)

 Place Cards

 Signature Cocktail 
with Pet(s)

$75 + #
of names


If you are truly looking for one-of-a-kind custom wedding signage, I recommend thinking outside the box! You can look at Pinterest for other wedding things, and to get an overall aesthetic. But let's be better than the Pinterest (Crazy, Stupid, Love reference)! 

Also, I'm here for you!
There is no need to have all of this prepared right now, we can work on it together! 

The mission at MEB is to not only create show stoppers at your wedding, but also make pieces that you'll be able to repurpose in your home! Here are just a few ideas!

Painted Back Acrylic SIGN

Clear Acrylic Sign

Painted or Stained Wood Sign

Painted back acrylic is great for matching the colors of your wedding, or for adding a pop of color to your personalized wedding signs! They are also a perfect way to disguise a busy background.

Clear acrylic signs  are so elegant and can go with any wedding theme! They are also very versatile after the wedding day. The only down side for the wedding is that they can be hard to read if you have a lot of things going on behind the sign. 

There are endless options for painted and stained wood colors! The best part is that we can really customize these signs to be the perfect fit and style for your wedding! 

These wedding sign options all provide a lot of room for customization! You'll be able to personalize them to you and your person, as well as include your wedding vision!

Some different styles you can choose from!

No idea where to start when it comes to calligraphy signage for your wedding day!?

I know that it can be overwhelming looking online, but that's okay. I've been there, and I'm here to help and guide you through the entire process.
It'll be as easy and stress-free as possible.
And you'll still get pieces that are completely personalized to you and your wedding!

Let's customize these signs to not only make them an absolute unforgettable part of your wedding, but also add you and your love story to them!

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Thank you!!

I do a little happy dance every time i get one of these in my inbox! i can't wait to hear all about you and your wedding!